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Fax Server 2007 History
#1 Posted : Thursday, September 18, 2008 12:20:08 PM(UTC)
Rank: customer

Joined: 5/21/2008(UTC)
Posts: 8
Points: 14

15.04.2008 version online

18.04. server - analog sending: fixed overlaying and combining
06.05. server - fix mail attachment embedding
- analog sending mail2fax: fixed attachment extracting when semicolon after attachment filename
- headline setting
- receiver fax nr. validation on load job from file for sending when > max_called_nr

10.06 - console - getprinters exception handling - not starting on tablet pc

03.07. - service: fixed stretching of short incoming faxes
07.07. - console: fixed cluster save of files in case of import - version .5900
09.07. - service: fixed country code replacing
- console: added ISDN sender type to standard edition
- country code: replace + with 00

- service fixed - Analog, Speech, G3 sending flags to fritzfax no voice

10.07 - printer driver UI - add usertemp attribute in xml, for shared profiles TS
(for more information look here:
- support of network paths

14.07. - service: createimagefromtext customizable left margin (add spaces at beginning of each line)
15.07. - console: Text2Tif spaces setting

27.07 - better logging on image conversion
- faxarchiving - if archive folder does not exist and failed to create , set to default

04.08. - printer: better quality on resizing bmp with IS40_RESIZE_MODE_AREAAVG_FAST
11.08. - ppconvert: fixed multipage printing

26.08. - printer: language neutral resources

01.09. - fixed a rare bug, that limited number of msns like in demo version, when no active clients were in registry (eg., when nobody sent faxes with printer)
#4 Posted : Friday, July 3, 2009 12:55:20 PM(UTC)
Rank: customer

Joined: 7/24/2008(UTC)
Posts: 3
Points: 9

Wie kommt man an die Updates? Der Fax Server selbst sagt immer, dass er aktuell ist. Seit unserer Installation letztes Jahr im April wurden nie Updates geladen.
Unsere Version ist aktuell

Andreas Schnarr
Würzburger Versicherungs-AG
#5 Posted : Tuesday, July 7, 2009 6:23:44 PM(UTC)
Rank: Administration

Groups: Administration
Joined: 10/14/2004(UTC)
Posts: 87
Points: -116 ist die neueste zum Download verfügbare Version.

Wenn eine neuere Version erscheint, veröffentlichen wir das hier im Forum, und Sie können über Visendo Fax Admin unter Visendo Fax Info updaten.
#8 Posted : Monday, April 4, 2011 10:00:17 AM(UTC)
Rank: Administration

Groups: Administration
Joined: 10/14/2004(UTC)
Posts: 87
Points: -116

27.08 - 04.09

-console - add open logs button
- fixed smtp auth. in wizard with ntlm
- fixed isdn device selection if none found
- fixed saving of html body type if mail selected - wizard
-service - com+ component create fax over webclient - proper formating of user and date, crash with english date
- better logging of image conversion for image conversion
- keep sff file if conversion to dest format failed
- x64 receiving
- receiving multiple faxes, disconnect case of steiner - changed but still to trace
- web client localization

05.09 - service - check for active services before starting processing threads, and write in log

15.09 - service - add VisendoFax/Settings/Global/UnitCost
global usnit cost
sender cost to db
forward accept all calls forward to global email
italian language file , web admin

15.01.2009 - 04.02.2009
Service - sender x64bit
sender settings global loaded
- load balancing rules for sender queue + receivers
- simultaneous receivers fix
10.02.2009 - pprintermgr - is creating printer port automaticaly
console - express global dialog replaced with the standard one for using sql db on x64
server - attachement extract
- received faxses folder unified to 1 setting

20.02.2009 - server
fix in mail2fax: extracting attachments from non-multipart message, without boundaries
fix - fax 2 mail routing to multi rcpts
console - multi language fix
wizard fix

24.02.2009 - update german language file
25.02.2009 - update italian language file
27.02.2009 - mail2fax fix: when e-mail body was empty, empty page was sent
- fix case: when job was type .tif, empty .job-file was created
02.03.2009 - about: put buy-now-button
28.04.2009 - about fix crash server not registered
- console change message on service register
- server - new sender queue - just with file
- fax status changed to int (struct)
10.05 -01.06 - server
- queue limit on processing % from
- sender threading model
- console
- printer
- web admin

10.07.2009 service fix: filename of sentfax / badfax - remove "job_"

22.07.2009 - console: database connection test: use current dialog values for conn.test, not global loaded xml values.
- service: MySQL insert strings: datetime format %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S without "convert(datetime,....)"
replace "\" with double "\\" in file path
23.07.2009 - service: fix: received faxes were not written to global log

28.07.2009 - service: fix: tried to send original job file (tif), not the converted sff file

20.01.2010 - send email to multiple email addresses - andrea
- express 2 emails , standard - 10, ent - 5 >

29.01.2010 - fix loading 1 more msn than maxmsn nr

- console put multiple emails/msn checking per distribution
- server - headline /msn
. cover per msnd
set sender msn/ email
- database path for send faxes case of different then default
- path for send faxes case of different then default

03.04.2010 - service ntlm auth
- console ntlm selection
- forward to fax
- processing queue wrong/malformed items
01.10.2010 - 12.01.2011 - build nr. 70- 7062
service - ssl settings correct loading
- mail 2 fax fixes (file extensions attachment parsing, UTF-8 support, html text email support)
- advanced logging troubleshooting
- pdf2tiff conversion update
- queue processing optimized
- process msn list even if catch all call enabled
- image processing optimizations
- inverting of background for email text
- tiff tagging ( sender nr, fax )
- access x64 bit support
- oracle support

console - win2008 svr r2 ,win 7, x64 - support
- access x64 bit support
- oracle support

printer - win7 update
- serial faxing
- windows contacts support
- image processing optimizations
Web service
- view fax method
- authentication logging

Web client - layout, usability, logging, localization ,

Sharepoint - 2010 , 2007 full support

Office - Serial Fax Add-on (2007, 2010 dual mode)

Mobile Clients - Iphone, Ipad

1.02.2011 - 6.02.2011 - build 7063 ONLINE

fax server - inverting text body image with specific email encoding
- start sevice without log folder failed
- attachment extracting advanced logging

Office - Serial Fax Add-on (2007, 2010 dual mode) warning on starting word 2010 x64

printer - UI getting temp folder from command line, check for local installation of fax svr, for direct queue send
- rendering
#11 Posted : Thursday, January 12, 2012 5:03:29 PM(UTC)
Rank: Administration

Groups: Administration
Joined: 10/14/2004(UTC)
Posts: 87
Points: -116

14.02.2011 - 14.04.2011

visendo fax printer (v5.0.1.7056):
- multiselection from address book
- feature: sync fax history with client on request
- ppconvert feature: command line switch "-pm" to print multiple files ( to visendo fax printer with sender e-mail address and receiver fax number), creating FaxSerial.xml
-pm <file name1[;file2;file3]> <printer name> <sender email> <receiver faxnr> <[0|1]> (1 = delete file after printing)

service (v4.0.1.7064):
- server sending queue clean up, auth manager check mail2fax clients
- outside call nr per account
- fax2mail: multipage jpg issues solved: 1st page not printed. in html mail, only 2nd page was embedded
- fixed cover page feature. was deleting job sff file
- Mail2Fax: UTF, iso encoding, turkish characters
- mail2fax: if no free client licenses available, send error notification to sender
- pdf2tiff plugin also available in standard edition
- extension validation on runtime queue insert

admin console (v4.0.1.7055):
- fixed crash on account routing
- fixed a bug on accounts property sheet, that caused wrong behaviour on other propsheets
- faxinfo bugfix: did not show client list
- save install path + config path to webclient config
- feature: send a testfax
- feature: one-click-config (select a device and you can send/receive faxes with one click)
- feature: roll back updates
- faxinfo: display number of licensed devices

20.04 - 24.05.2011

server. build(v4.0.1.7065):

-stability and performance improvements with multi – BRI devices
-database reporting improvements & compatibility fixes with win svr 2008 r2 & win7
-fax job & queue processing improvements
-connection runtime monitoring / cleanup

24.05.2011 fixed oracle database type
31.05.2011 SffToFormat function from service. doesn't crash on sff to bmp. was also issue on multipage printing.
07.06.2011 correct query string for LoadHistory from SendFaxes database table
20.06.2011 damaged sff parsing
20.06.2011 page loading timer add
20.06.2011 malformed sff's reading and displaing
22.06.2011 sff2bmp conversion of malformed sffs
28.07.2011 32bit pdf2tif case fixed. mail2fax converted pdf to jpg instead of tif
01.08.2011 pop3 pulling loops optimized & fix of deleting and retr of invalid emails
02.08.2011 fax console: Rollback updates button
18.08.2011 new routing destination type (custom file name) //date & time formats: // DD-MM-YYYY-HH-mm-ss / %d-%m-%Y-%H-%M-%S
22.08.2011 station id set, db file path set for remote saving path
22.08.2011 setting for BadFaxes directory
22.08.2011 added routing type R_DenyConnection
23.08.2011 reporting - badfaxes: show badfaxes in custom path
31.08.2011 .doc support (not final)
09.09.2011 routing rules disabled when destination enmpty
21.09.2011 show correct job status on queue and badfaxes
11.10.2011 route to sharepoint drop folder: get x-receiver email address from default mail routing rule.
24.10.2011 write badfax to db, if GetFaxJobProperties fails
24.10.2011 write badfax to db, if user has no rights to send
25.10.2011 in case GetFaxJobProperties failed, badfaxes were not in database and not displayed in faxadmin
08.11.2011 bugfix: load cluster/backup server list
11.11.2011 fixed crash on string format after sending
22.11.2011 fixed crash in case headline/sender nr/company name was too long
12.12.2011 fixed countrycode replacing
09.01.2012 on GetDeviceBySender: case insensitive compare/find

#12 Posted : Wednesday, February 22, 2012 4:45:34 PM(UTC)
Rank: Administration

Groups: Administration
Joined: 10/14/2004(UTC)
Posts: 87
Points: -116

13.01.2012 color fax case: fixed crash on sfftobmp
20.01.2012 new client license check: compare only e-mail address
24.01.2012 mail2fax: pull and delete all mails from pop3 mailbox. in case of bad job info (wrong sender or subject), save mail in MailSave\BadEmails
07.02.2012 fixed crash on end SenderSpoolerProcessingThread
09.02.2012 convert pdf to 24bit tif. slightly better conversion of images with low color saturation
10.02.2012 database connection test: better success message
#14 Posted : Friday, July 19, 2013 9:18:58 AM(UTC)
Rank: Administration

Groups: Administration
Joined: 10/14/2004(UTC)
Posts: 87
Points: -116

16.02.2012 removed security tab from sender settings
16.02.2012 set pdf2tif bitcount back to 1bit prevent another possible crash on SenderSpoolerProcessingThread
16.04.2012 fixed exception in SffToFormat image conversion, when using already existing bmp files
17.04.2012 bugfix: when job file was txt, result was always sff, regardless of configured image type
30.04.2012 image conversion: use same tiff functions for single and multi page try additional tiff tags
18.07.2012 number of devices in demo version globally defined: ent 2, std+exp 1
03.08.2012 new method of moving jobs to badfaxes / sentfaxes
07.08.2012 fixed crash on fax receiving / convert to pdf. when SffToFormat was called with SlotNr -1
03.09.2012 do not import users from AD at faxadmin console startup only log AD import at logging level maximum
11.09.2012 better (debug) logging on queue processing, only add 1 job per channel to runtime queue, don't add to queue if full (1 more was added in previous version)
12.09.2012 fixed loading of corrupted sff files
14.09.2012 count all jobs in queue, regardless of status
11.10.2012 requeue period can be 0 (previous min. value was 1)
17.10.2012 better logging - threadid
18.10.2012 log correct channel index on receiving
30.11.2012 feature "send testfax" also in standard and express editions - was in enterprise only
25.01.2013 fixed crash: sErr = "[5020]:[2] Disconnect B3 reason: disconnected during transfer (remote procedure error (e.g. unsuccessful repetition of T.30 commands)"
#15 Posted : Wednesday, December 4, 2013 3:21:33 AM(UTC)
Rank: Guest


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