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Visendo Fax Server MS Office 2010 Integration
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Version History
#1 Posted : Friday, March 18, 2011 10:30:33 PM(UTC)
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Joined: 1/29/2008(UTC)
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Posted: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 11:20:51 AM

28.10.2010 fixed crash on delete custom routing template and switch to msn view
28.10.2010 fax view: context menu to open, delete and resend fax. open fax on double click
04.11.2010 fax view: show number of faxes and progress bar
04.11.2010 fax view multi selection:
with shift + cursor keys, shift + mouse, ctrl + mouse, ctrl + a, mouse drag
delete with DEL key
open with double click or RETURN key

05.11.2010 fax view: set whole row color red for error mails
refresh status on actions (pull, deliver, delete)

09.11.2010 fixed bug on change settings path: new path was not saved to registry automatically
11.11.2010 UPDATE v10.0.0.512

Posted: Monday, March 14, 2011 1:46:50 PM

07.12.2010 fixed support report: use settings path now, instead of application path
04.01.2011 settings path issue in service: 1. use saved registry path, 2. use appdata, 3. use application path
04.01.2011 fixed issue on config import from older fax@MAIL versions: was importing only 1 (last) msn from older version of fax@mail
05.01.2011 fixed bug on update that could cause a crash
07.01.2011 device struct like in service (type is 0 or 1 instead of "ISDN" or "ANALOG")
07.01.2011 modem init
07.01.2011 memory leaks check in dbg mode
07.01.2011 save account's device id also for analog devices. -> inboundrouting works for analog devices
10.01.2011 fixed crash on convert modem multitiff2bmp. GlobalFree was called twice
10.01.2011 oracle connection string
11.01.2011 oracle db support
18.01.2011 fixed a bug on add new msn, that could cause a crash
04.02.2011 feature: wildcards can also be used in subject now, like in mail body
04.02.2011 capi2.0 parse message exception - 2003 svr x86

09.02.2011 Check for invalid / empty routing rules on load
09.02.2011 On start/restart service, ask to save changed settings

17.02.2011 fixed some issues with multipage jpg:
- network path file link in e-mail was wrong
- only last page was printed
- embedded jpg in html email: img width was not set

21.02.2011 multi pri device support
24.02.2011 Feature to keep e-mail files after delivery
24.02.2011 On conversion error, attach original image file to e-mail
08.03.2011 fixed: on detect new devices, analog/isdn flag was not saved

14.03.2011 UPDATE v10.0.0.600
#2 Posted : Tuesday, April 12, 2011 10:43:09 AM(UTC)
Rank: Administration

Groups: Administration
Joined: 10/14/2004(UTC)
Posts: 87
Points: -116

16.03.2011 buy now: correct link to fax@MAIL 10 element 5 page, instead of fax@MAIL 2008
22.03.2011 bugfix: faxes were not routed sometimes
01.04.2011 bugfix: when printing was enabled, status of all faxes was "Error"

12.04.2011 UPDATE v10.0.0.601
#3 Posted : Monday, August 22, 2011 1:54:42 PM(UTC)
Rank: Administration

Groups: Administration
Joined: 10/14/2004(UTC)
Posts: 87
Points: -116

13.04.2011 sendmessagefromfile like in popconnect
06.06.2011 error handling on direct mx sending if "keep emails" is enabled
fixed jpg displaying on iphone/ipad
20.06.2011 use smtp.log for smtp logging, instead of server.log
20.06.2011 sff parsing exception handling
20.06.2011 malformed sff reading & displaying
21.06.2011 sff2bmp conversion fix- multipage second result
30.06.2011 fixed unicode issue that caused following error: registration information was deleted on starting fax@mail admin, in case of registration type e-mail
22.08.2011 Better logging on check receiver msn
22.08.2011 bugfix: trim '\' at the end of custom directory for received faxes (when path ended with '\', generated network path was wrong)

22.08.2011 UPDATE v10.0.0.604
#6 Posted : Wednesday, July 3, 2013 8:37:26 AM(UTC)
Rank: Administration

Groups: Administration
Joined: 10/14/2004(UTC)
Posts: 87
Points: -116

20.10.2011 support loading old xml device types
24.10.2011 fix crash on e-mail validation: disable some regular expressions
16.03.2012 reject caller id if empty or "Unknown"
12.09.2012 fixed loading of corrupted sff files
23.11.2012 fixed mailbody: pdf attachments are now displayed correctly with apple mail clients + ipad/iphone
23.11.2012 e-mail body part "multipart/related" only in html mail
03.07.2013 UPDATE v10.0.0.704
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